Lello Artisan Pasta - Fusilloni 400g

Lello Artisan Pasta - Fusilloni 400g

Lello Artisan Pasta - Fusilloni 400g

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Lello Artisan pasta uses Australian durum wheat semolina and a production method which retains all nutritional properties. Working in small batches all our pastas go through bronze die extruders, giving the pasta a rough texture that holds sauces perfectly.


Artisan Fusilloni

This corkscrew shape captures sauces in-between its curved lines and goes perfectly with spicy red sauces or simple homemade basil pesto and roasted cherry tomatoes


Cook in lightly salted boiling water until al dente (4-6min)

Store in a cool, dry place

Ingredients: Durum semolina, salt



Nutritional Information

Servings per package: 4.0

Serving Size: 100g


Average Quantity Per Serve

Average Quantity Per 100g


1368kj 1368kj

Protein, Total

14.6g 14.6g

Fat, Total 

0.4g 0.4g


0.1g 0.1g


65g 65g


0.9g 0.9g


223mg 223mg

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