We’re happy you’re here.

You can call us flavour fanatics which is one of many nicknames, or foodies. Either way, we are a collective of people who love food and love sharing food experiences.

We started this business in 2020 as a response to people’s need for food and groceries — launching during the Covid-19 pandemic, as food and groceries were harder to buy with supermarkets impacted by panic buying and suspending delivery services. We had access to great produce so we opened it up to help Melbournians.

As well as some delicious food staples, we knew people were missing most the special food. The delicious pizza from 400 Gradi, the chocolates from Brunetti and those amazing Daniel’s Donuts.

So we tried our best to make them available to people again – connecting food lovers all over Victoria with some of the most iconic and delicious produce, foods and brands in Australia. We created a place for food shopping, grocery shopping, foodie favourites, treats, gifting, catering & entertaining and restaurant partners. All in the one place with next day delivery. Saving you time and connecting you with your favourite and soon to be favourite brands.

A new way of shopping.

We ended up turning food shopping on its head because we focussed on helping customers spend more time tasting and enjoying, less time driving across the state looking for food. We also wanted to help introduce foodies from all over to Australia’s best producers, chefs and most iconic brands.

We connect the two, we are the foodie match-makers!

Instead of driving to Brunetti, to Gradi, to Daniels Donuts, ordering food delivery from Coda, then driving to your favourite deli... you can get everything you love, the next exciting food trend, from the brands you love and the brands we know you will love with the click of button, delivered straight to your door the very next day.

One place, one delivery, a tonne of smiles and happy tummys.

So that’s what we do and we love it: We scour the world for authentic producers and their amazing produce. We unlock an amazing new world of food for our customers and provide new food ideas and experiences, delivered right to their door! Above all, we love eating great food, especially while in the presence of great company.

iPantry is all about celebrating great food — real, authentic and exciting new food that delights the senses and nourishes the body.

All eaters are welcome.

iPantry. For foodies.