How to have a very merry vegan Christmas!

Vanessa StoicovDec 22, '20

Traditionally, Christmas dinners have focused on a wide range of animal products, spotlighting either a roast lamb or chicken, and even seafood. Whether you are a vegan yourself, are cooking for dinner guests or are just looking for ways to boost your veggie intake, we’ve got some great vegan food ideas for your Christmas feast. 

Vegan Christmas dinner

A good vegan Christmas has all the trappings of a meat-based Christmas dinner. There are snacks, appetisers, sides, a main dish and a mouthwatering dessert. Let’s journey through a vegan Christmas dinner and give you some delicious recipe ideas to impress your friends and delight their taste buds.

Pre-dinner snacks

Are you short on vegan Christmas ideas for snacks? Allow us to introduce you to the magic of the grazing platter. All you need for this epic spread is a large board, tray or table, a little imagination and a whole lot of vegetables. Choose a wide variety of colourful fruit and veggies, chop them up into bite-sized pieces and arrange them on your platter. 

Want to impress your vegan friends? Add on The Vegan Dairy Ashed Chevre 190g or Persian Feta – both of these vegan cheeses are made in Melbourne and, in our opinion, taste better than dairy-based cheese!

Appetisers and side dishes

A great meal alternative to try if you haven’t already is Quorn. You can add Quorn pieces to a salad or even dish up some Quorn sausage rolls for the kids while the main meal is sizzling away. 

Vegan Christmas recipes don’t have to be overly complicated – you might like to start with an assortment of vegetable side dishes for guests to choose from. Green beans fried with coconut oil and garlic or barbecued corn on the cob don’t take long to make and are often a staple of most Christmas dinners, vegan or not.  

Looking for a ready made option? Check out our vegan salads. The Superfood Salad or Vietnamese Bun Do Chu both make for excellent side dishes (saving you time and energy as all you need to do is serve them up!).

Main course

A vegan Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without a main dish. One of our faves is a whole roast cauliflower. Aside from looking beautiful, cauliflower is the perfect base flavour for an array of spices, like cummin, paprika or even an harissa rub. 

Alternatively, we’ve got a few ready made options where all you need to do is pop them in the oven and you’ll be all set. Try this tasty Vegan Tandoori Vegetable Pie or even the A25 pizza range. While not typically traditional for a Christmas dinner, they’re fresh, easy to cook and definitely a crowd pleaser! 

Vegan Christmas desserts

There’s no shortage of options for vegan desserts when it comes to satisfying that sweet tooth. From cookies and donuts to cakes, we’ve got you covered at iPantry this festive season. 

Donuts and Cupcakes 

Looking for something small to nosh on after your big feast? Our friends at Houghnuts have just the thing: vegan donuts! Grab a mixed pack of 6 vegan and gluten free donuts to share with your nearest and dearest for that perfect post-dinner treat.

Alternatively, Fig bake delicious vegan cupcakes (try their pack of six mixed flavours). Or if you’re after something a little more on the lighter side, this four pack of Vegan Energiser Balls can be the cherry on top of an already scrumptious meal!

Cakes and cookies

For those who love to bake, you could try your hand at a vegan cheesecake or whip up some vegan chocolate mousse. But if you’re short on time (or motivation), a Vegan Fruit, Nut and Seed cake with a few dollops of Nudie coconut yoghurt is heavenly. And for the little ones – or to accompany that post-meal coffee – put out a six pack of vegan muesli cookies.

Vegan Christmas gifts and ideas

Looking for some ethical and unique vegan Christmas gifts this year? For the foodie, you could get a vegan yoghurt starter kit so they can whip up their own homemade yoghurt. Or if they’re a fan of good quality coffee, a 12 pack of Micro Figures Nitro cans of black coffee is a also a great option.  

If you’re still stuck for ideas, why not grab an iPantry gift card so the recipient can pick a few delicious things to suit their preferences. Or, for that added personal touch, you can build your own food gift box with us. Pick your items and we’ll ship it for you, and if you need inspiration, find out what goes into a great food gift box

Vegan Christmas dinner made easy

Avoid the queues this festive season and shop online with iPantry. We have a range of meals and desserts available to order for all of your Christmas dinners and parties.