Vertue Coffee Mexico San Cristobal Espresso Roast 250g


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Size: 250g

Malt, caramel, stonefruit, strawberries & cream.

Nayarit State
Varietal: Caturra, Typica
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1050-1150 MASL

Terruno Nayarita is the highest grade coffee that the San Cristobal coop produces, and it's one of our favourite coffees; Terruno meaning homestead and Nayarita meaning the group of people living in the region.

San Cristobal has had a heartbreaking story in the last few years, volumes of production have been severely impacted by late bad weather on alternating years, we're happy to have it on the menu for now, and hope that a full harvest is coming at the end of this year!

Old growth typica and caturra plants produce this stunning, complex natural processed coffee; Dutch processed cocoa to start with, but an elegant light strawberry finish lifts the palate.

Please note: Vertue Coffee Roasters is not available for delivery on Mondays