Kehoe's Kitchen Cashew Cheese Dip Basil

Kehoes Kitchen - Cashew Cheese Dip Basil Vegan Gluten Free & Organic

Kehoe's Kitchen Cashew Cheese Dip Basil

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Probiotic Paleo/Vegan Dip, Basil Cream Cheese. Before fermenting Kehoe's first soak the cashew nuts in reverse osmosis remineralised filtered water to break down the enzyme inhibitors and then blend with various fresh organic produce and spices and ferment to create the delicious cheesy dips they are famous for.

Weight 250g

Ingredients Organic activated raw cashews, reverse osmosis remineralised filtered water, organic basil, organic onion, natural sea salt, organic garlic, organic turmeric, culture (non-dairy).

Allergens / Dietaries Organic, Vegan, Dairy Free

Allergen Declaration Contains nuts 

Storage Method Refrigerate

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