Essentially Keto Vanilla & White Choc Fat Drop 45g


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High in Fat, Low in Carbs and bloody delicious, Bulletproof Coffee is making a stir within the Keto community because of its many, and varied health benefits. Not only will your morning coffee aid in curbing those daily cravings, your metabolism will get a big ol' kick start to the day! Thanks to its double dose of healthy fats you'll receive long lasting energy and greater mental clarity. And did we mention that they're delicious! Fat Drops are Essentially Keto;s answer to Bulletproof Coffee. Made from premium organic ingredients and available in 6 amazing flavours. Whether blended with your favorite hot drink or eaten as a snack, Fat Drops are sure become an essential part of your morning routine. Ingredients: Organic butter, Organic coconut oil, Organic coconut butter, Erythritol, Grass-fed butter gelatin, Filtered water, Himalayan salt, Vanilla-bean extract, Stevia.