Atta - Gluten free flour (to make roti)


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1: Gluten free flour
2: Turmeric
3: Salt

Weight / Serving Size 500 gms

Ingredients Gluten free flour

Allergens / Dietaries Gluten free, nuts free, vegan

Allergen Declaration Packed in a facility that handles all allergens.

How to make Roti:
1: Add water to the flour and knead the dough for 2 minutes until no lumps.
2: Make equal portions of the dough.
3: Roll the roti. This will be little delicate, so make sure not to press it too hard.
4: Heat a non stick pan/griddle. Keep it on medium-high.
5: Carefully place a roti on the pan/griddle. Using damp cloth, you could press the roti for it to puff. Alternatively, cook the roti for a minute on each side and transfer it to direct flame for about 30 seconds for it to puff and get the char.
6: Take it out and slather some ghee or olive oil over it.
7: Serve it with the curry OR Wrap well and it stays great for two days.