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Enjoy summer with these BBQ menu ideas

As the mercury rises nothing beats a good old fashioned Aussie BBQ. Hosted in the backyards and parks of just about every city and suburb in Victoria and beyond, the humble BBQ is a great way to spend time with friends and family whilst also enjoying the summer sun.

To help you plan the best BBQ for your crew, we’ve put together menu ideas to cover off all of your favourites – from BBQ meats and seafood to salads and desserts. Hungry? We are too, so let’s explore!

Pre-BBQ nibbles and snacks

To keep your guests satiated while you fire up the grill, you might like to put some snacks out. Cheese and crackers is always a crowd pleaser, plus our friends at The Vegan Dairy have you covered for a non-dairy alternative. We also love Wattle Valley apricot and almond cheese and La Monique brie, both excellent choices for any grazing board.

Speaking of which, you might like to add a sprinkling of nuts and dried fruit to your pre-BBQ nibbles too (the DJ&A Masala Mix is one of our go-to snacks). Other options include dips, salami, chips and fruit. Get creative but don’t overdo it – you don’t want your guests full on snacks before the main meal!

BBQ meat ideas and recipes

For the BBQ aficionado, the key to any spectacular meal is a main dish. For a variety of meat options, check out the amazing folk over at Flinders & Co. You’ll find snags (to put in sliced bread with tomato sauce for the kids), chops and supreme quality lamb produced by this small, family-owned business. 

If red meat isn’t your thing, you might fancy some barbecued chicken. Hazeldene’s has drumsticks, wings, breast fillets and more, already prepared and ready to cook. All you need to decide on is the marinade!  

Another BBQ must-have are Aussie beef party pies, with a side of tomato sauce of course. Or for a meat-free alternative, try our vegetable pies – either way, serving up some pies can keep the masses at bay while other treats are roasting or being prepared.

Seafood BBQ ideas and recipes

If you fancy a spot of seafood for your BBQ, look no further than Clamms Seafood. Stocking a selection of fresh fish, like salmon and barramundi is perfect for grilling or frying, both indoors and out. At iPantry, we’ve also got other options available frozen, like scallops and prawn cutlets, so you can plan your meal well ahead of time and avoid the crowds.

Healthy salad recipes for BBQ sides

Whether it’s a roast lamb or seared salmon, salads are one of the best side dishes for your BBQ feast. They add a pop of colour to your meal and are a great way to squeeze more nutrients into your day. So to brighten up your BBQ, you might like to dish up some roast vegetable and couscous, pesto chicken pasta salad, or, for our vegan friends, a colourful superfood salad.

Refreshing drinks

No BBQ would be complete without an array of drinks to wash down all that delicious food. Aside from the usual suspects like beer and wine, for a refreshing non-alcoholic option, try Remedy Kombucha. Low in sugar and available in a variety of flavours, they’re good for your gut and a healthy alternative to soft drinks. And if sparkling water is your jam, check out Dash Water – with zero calories and real fruit flavours, it’s sure to be a hit. 

Vegan and vegetarian BBQ ideas and recipes

If you or your crew are vegan or vegetarian, there’s a whole world of tasty treats available to you for BBQ. Veggie burgers are a simple switch thanks to Quorn’s range of burger patties. Add one to a bun with lettuce, tomato and other salad favourites, slip in a few slices of vegan cheddar cheese, and you’ve got yourself an epic meal. 

Instead of Quorn, you could use a Jannah Foods Veggie Burger Pattie or falafel pattie for your burger, both of which are also go great with the side salads mentioned earlier. Veggie burgers don’t have to be boring either. Perhaps this summer is a great opportunity to experiment with new flavour combinations. Who knows, you might surprise yourself!

Don’t forget dessert!

Any BBQ can be rounded out nicely with dessert (or multiple desserts if you’re feeling generous). We’re big fans of the classics – think lamingtons or Tim Tams – but we’re also partial to individual portion cakes for more variety. But if you’re feeding a larger tribe, slices are a quick and easy way to make sure everyone gets a piece. 

Brunetti is a Melbourne icon and they offer a range of large desserts to choose from if you don’t fancy labouring away in the kitchen yourself. Their large box of biscuits would make a lovely post-meal treat with coffee or tea, or indulge in a tiramisu big enough for the whole family.  

If you know you’re going to be all tuckered out from preparing the main meal, you might also like to grab a fruit platter and put it out after dinner. Fruit is a palette cleanser that may be a nice way to wrap up your BBQ, especially if you’ve just devoured a lot of heavier foods. 

Let us help you prep for your next BBQ

We can help take the stress out of planning your next summer BBQ. Find everything you need to feed your favourite people in our Australia Day collection and enjoy our next day delivery in Victoria if you order before 2pm the day before, from Monday to Saturday. Happy grilling!