Looking for the perfect corporate gifts for your team?

Vanessa StoicovDec 11, '20

It’s no secret that gifting can be a challenge – especially for your hard working team. The key is to find a gift that’s both personal but also appropriate for the people you see everyday – something that says ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re awesome’! 

That’s where iPantry comes in. We’ve got a bunch of corporate gift ideas for every budget and taste (pun intended) on our online food marketplace. This should be a fun experience for you, not something you put off, so let’s unpack the wonders of corporate gifting and how you can find the perfect way to celebrate your crew. 

What is corporate gifting?

The concept of corporate gifting has been around a long time. It’s when an employer gives their employees a gift with no expectation of anything in return; it’s a gesture of goodwill and acknowledgment for being part of a team. 

Gifts to staff can help boost morale, celebrate successes and cultivate an ‘attitude of gratitude’ in the people you rely on everyday to do the work that you do. The challenge is to find a gift that everyone will enjoy and appreciate, a common thread that unites your team. We might be a little biased, but we think delicious, nutritious food might be the answer. 

Where can I buy corporate gifts?

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to corporate gift hampers, but they’re not the only option out there. At iPantry, we’re obsessed with good quality food and making it easier for you to get your hands on your favourites. It’s why we have next day delivery and carry a great range of foods you love (and others you’re yet to discover). 

One of the best gifts you can give someone is the gift of food and we’ve created flexible gifting options so you can do just that.

Build your own gift

Building your own food gift box is great if you’re working within a specific budget. This gives you the option to really customise your gifts to staff to suit their tastes and preferences. In the iPantry food marketplace, you’ll find vegan, gluten free and organic options, as well as other tasty treats your team may appreciate, like cakes and chocolate, for when they wind down at home.

Gift boxes

A pre-made corporate gift box is perfect if you’re buying for people you don’t know very well, or, getting a gift for an entire team rather than individuals. Check out our Share in the Office box packed with an assortment of tea, crackers, chocolate and confectionery – everything your office needs for the 3pm slump. 

As we approach the end of year holidays, the Hamper World Christmas Celebration is another good option, too. Inside you’ll find a Christmas pudding, some wine and biscuits. Alternatively, if your team is remote, the Break Time hamper is a lovely way to say thank you and stock their pantry with delicious biscuits, chocolate and confectionery.  

Gift cards

The gift card industry exploded in 2020, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gift cards offer flexibility and are a great option if you have a large team with very diverse preferences and lifestyles. Plus with digital gift cards like ours at iPantry, you can send it right to their corporate email inbox and cross that off your to-do list in a flash.

Corporate gifting

For larger teams or if you have specific constraints you’re working within for your corporate gifts, we’d love to help! Complete this form and one of the iPantry team can get to work on finding you the right solution this year. 

Why is corporate gifting important? 

Gifts to staff go beyond the actual gift: corporate gifts strengthen long-term relationships, build loyalty and keep your staff engaged in your brand and business. The gifts you give your team aren’t just a token of your acknowledgement, they can be an investment in everyone’s happiness at work.