What are the best movie snacks?

Vanessa StoicovApr 28, '21

When you go to check out the latest Hollywood blockbuster at your local cinema, you don’t really get a lot of choice when it comes to snacks. Popcorn is a classic, Maltesers are a crowd favourite, sure, but what if you want something different? That’s where iPantry can help. 

We love to snack, which is why we stock a huge range of sweet and savoury snacks on our online grocery marketplace. But what ARE the best movie snacks? To help you answer this question, we’ve made an executive decision: to match snacks with movie genres. Below, you’ll find some common film genres and the snacks we recommend you try. Think of it like pairing the right wine with a meal – but more fun! 

What are some good movie snacks besides popcorn?

We’re glad you asked! While we love nibbling on fresh, salty popcorn from time to time, there's a whole snack-tacular universe of treats out there to explore. 

To start with, you want to look for snacks that won’t disturb your viewing or interrupt the film too much. We’ve all heard the person in the back row of the movie theatre opening a bag of chips during a quiet and serious moment – the same logic applies at home. When it comes to snacks, it pays to be prepared.

Movie snacks at home (by film genre)

After studying our snacks on iPantry and whipping around the office to do a little ‘market research’, here are our top picks for snacks you can indulge in at home, by film genre. 

PS: You can, however, eat whatever you like (we won’t be mad if you mix and match our snacks), but this is also about expanding your snack-cabulary and introducing you to some new treats, too. 


For anything you’re watching where laughter is a prerequisite, choose snacks where there’s no risk they’ll accidentally fly out of your mouth (or worse, your nose). 

We love Proper Crisps cider vinegar & sea salt chips and their cheeza-peno tortilla chips too, great for nibbling on in between giggles. But if you’re not a fan of chips, you might like their closely related cousin: the pretzel. DJ&A peanut butter pretzels are a flavour bomb that will leave you wanting more. 

For us, comedy means colour, too. And if you’re vegan (and gluten-free) – or just looking for a healthier treat – you’re going to want to try Houghnuts. Their mixed pack of six donuts is great for sharing and will add a burst of colour to any snacking adventure.


Like a good scare? When it comes to horror films, we think the best snacks are the ones that are dark...chocolate, that is! Grab a block of Alter Eco super blackout organic chocolate or a Bellarine triple chocolate brownie to give yourself a sweet respite from the action on screen. 

As an addition, we love the sweet and salty combo, so you might also like a bag of sea salt flavoured Serious Popcorn on the side. It’s a little lighter than regular movie popcorn and free from all the nasty anti-caking agents, too. 


Who dunnit? We’re not sure – but we do know some good snacks to keep you on the edge of your seat while you watch any crime movie unfold. Just like any good mystery, we love snacks with a surprising mix of flavours. 

Check out Pana Organic sour cherry & vanilla vegan, raw and organic chocolate, or DJ&A veggie crisps for a crunchy twist on regular potato chips. Your snacks might even end up being more interesting than the puzzle they’re trying to solve on film. 

Children and family

Looking for snacks for the whole family, kids included? When you’re kicking back and watching a Disney or Pixar classic, nothing beats a sweet treat, like the six pack of mixed cupcakes from Fig. Featuring Elmo and the Cookie Monster, it’s a sure fire way to please the kids (big and small).


Is love in the air? Kicking back to watch a rom-com or romance film can be made all the more sweeter with a rich, decadent snack to accompany it. You might like to use this genre as an excuse to indulge in a red velvet cake or strawberry cupcake – but if cakes aren’t on the menu, chocolate is always a good backup plan. 

Unwrap a block of Koko Black nougat starry night chocolate or a creamy raspberry Brunetti bar to see everyone’s eyes light up. Snacks can be a beautiful way to really show someone you care and we recommend grabbing enough to share (love is in the air, after all). 

Snacking got you thirsty? The bar is open!

Not that kind of bar – but you’ll find a wide selection of beverages on iPantry to help quench your thirst on movie night. From the range of healthy fizzy drinks by CAPI, Kreol and Dash Water, to the zero sugar sodas by the Famous Soda Co, you won’t go thirsty with us. 

Get your snacks delivered with iPantry

Planning a movie marathon this weekend? Order before 2pm Monday to Friday and we’ll get your snacks to your front door the next day. This is especially handy if you’re a last minute planner – when the mood strikes, know that iPantry is ready to help you find the best movie snacks.